Any pre-show rituals?


over a year and half later, it happened ^_^ my favorite thing is how this looks all put together but literally, the second after, rocky was making fun of ross and they were laughing and it was the best thing on meeting them for the first time lol

this is what elly and I have been doing for the past hour I love m&g photos so much

this finally happened yesterday in fresno (10/11) c:

I asked if I could be next to ell for our lil group hug and he was super cute and happy about it and then I didn’t realize he was doing a sorority squat which turned into rockliff (!!!) and even though I had about 15 seconds total with them I’m pretty dang happy cause I’ve been waiting almost a year and a half to meet these weenies. ♡♡ 

Maia Mitchell @ “The Fosters” Press Conference (x)


those feelings when you want a relationship

but you don’t

but you do

but you don’t

jleeiscool: Morgan, cast member/dancer from TBM, was at the show that night and I think saying bye to filming tbm2 gave ross a deeper connection to "one last dance" but who knows?

ohhh okay! aw that’s really sweet if that’s what he meant.