• Normal Person: *watches musical*
  • Normal person: That was good. I enjoyed it.
  • Me: *watches musical*
  • Me: *buys cast album*
  • Me: *buys T shirt*
  • Me: *buys poster*
  • Me: *keeps tickets forever*
  • Me: *Looks up bootleg copies of said musical on YouTube*
  • Me: *Learns all words to said musical*
  • Me: *Act's out said musical*
  • Me: *Falls in love with actors in said musical*
  • Me: That was good. I enjoyed it.


A bunch of drunk college kids tried to play “Alice in Wonderland”

I cry of laughter everytime I watch this. 


when a fan tweeted ross saying “i always talk to my @rossr5 posters” ross tweeted back saying “me too”

does anyone know how to fix the sidebar gifs on my blog bc they’re not moving and idk what to doooo halp me 

Title: First Things First
Artist: Neon Trees
Played: 392 times


Neon Trees - First Things First

anythingtokisshercherrylips: the sidebar gifs? no... but it looks super cute being still tbh lol its like random photos cut into circles and then tapped to a blue wall :D

aw man lol I have no idea how to fix it. but it looks so pretty I don’t feel like changing my theme~

anythingtokisshercherrylips: ur new theme is hella cute like u i just had to tell u

THANK U CUTIE. Glad someone noticed ^-^ but are my gifs working? they worked when I was editing the theme on customize or whatever and then they wouldn’t move when I checked my blog :(

photo credit |x|

i might just go crazy