I just had my first real American Sign Language college class and I’ve been waiting to take ASL for 5 years and it was even more fun than I thought it would be I’m so happy


you know whats better than a mozerella stick?

37 mozzarella sticks

white people bios be like:


Mackenzie. 15. Montana. Indie music. Welcome to a special part of my mind. I’m white but I identify as Spanish/Walgreens gift card. Sherlock. I follow back 🌸flower child🌸

I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead omg I started it last Wednesday and I’m done with season 2 it’s so good hELP


heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitely not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im allergic to bananas.  


Baby deer cries every time it tries to be put down


i get anxious for people who fall asleep on public transit. like where is your home? how many stops have you missed? this was not a time for a nap

I’m Isaac. I’m seventeen. And it looks like I have to get surgery in a couple of weeks, after which I’ll be blind.

ross lynch’s embarrassing moments give me life